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Staff & Board

CAC’s Board of Directors

CAC's Board of Directors serves as the agency’s planning, advisory, and policy-setting body. The Board formulates financial policies, delegates administration of these policies to the administrative staff and program directors, and reviews operations and activities.

The Board includes representatives of three segments of the community, including:

  • The Neighborhood Sector – includes CAC clients or representatives of the clients that CAC serves (minimum of one-third of the Board)
  • The Public Sector – consists of officials or their representatives from local, state, and/or federal segments of government (one-third of the Board)
  • The Community Sector – any person with a general interest in the mission of CAC (no more than one-third of the Board)

Executive Board

  • Sean Griffith – Chair
  • Chief Paul Kifer – Vice-Chair
  • Julie Fritsch– Secretary



  • Commissioner Jeffrey Cline
  • Lynne Cunningham
  • Duane Freeman
  • Susan Grove
  • Jeremy Jakoby
  • Chief Paul Kifer
  • Toby Long
  • Councilwoman Shelley McIntire
  • Kathleen Su


CAC's Senior Management Team

Erik  Nichols, Deputy Director / CFO

Theresa Searcy, Director of Case Management

Kimberly Buchanan, Director of Development & Circles Washington County, MD

Sherva Joseph, Director of Energy Programs

Mark Sewell, Director of Grants Management

Jackie Crabtree, Director of Transportation